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Vintage 1950’s Laying Chicken Toy – Easter

It’s Friday – Alright!

We’ve been enjoying warmer weather in my neck of the woods, even a few crocus are blooming – such a welcome sight after the dull grays and browns of winter.  And when the bulbs start coming up I think of Easter and today I have the perfect treat to tuck in an Easter basket.


These little ladies are from the 1950’s… aren’t they cute?  But these gals are Action Figures because when you press down on their head their wings flare out, they squat down and they lay an egg.  Kids of all ages love these.


They’re made of hard plastic, probably Lucite, and are a rich swirled orange color.  They are in excellent condition, too.


When they’ve ‘laid’ all their eggs, you just flip them over, push the feet down exposing that opening and slip the eggs back inside and then its hop, hop and squat and out comes another egg.  Giggles ensue.


I’m selling both of these chickens, including their original white glass eggs, together. Click to go to Old Raven on Etsy to buy…


Smokey says: “I like the new chair”.  What a relief.

Have a wonderful weekend – hope it’s warm and sunny where ever you are. -Kriss


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