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Vintage Ewer-Style French Perfume Bottle

Good Thursday to one and all.

Today I have a very special piece I recently found while thrifting.


Isn’t this just gorgeous?  At barely 5″ tall, this is a lovely miniature ewer or flagon style porcelain container.  But SO pretty!


Look at that marbling affect – beautiful, and fuchsia – wow!  This was a perfume bottle made by a company in France.  Can you imagine being gifted this lovely bottle of ‘French Perfume‘ – so romantic.


There’s not a lot of information out there about Jean Bouvaist and his “Parfum France” but I did find that he established his business in the late 40’s and the last activity registered was an application for a patent on a perfume bottle in January of 1968.  I bet this one was patented, too.


This bottle was made for expressing a passionate love from one person to another.  Whoever gave and received this gift knew the meaning of romance.

This precious bottle is in excellent condition and, sigh, worthy of gifting forward.

Just click the link to see and read more about it:

Thanks for joining me here today, I always look forward to your visits. – Kriss


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