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Vintage Waverley Pen Nib Tins x 12

Happy Hump Day!  What happened to Tuesday!?!  Zoom.

For your viewing pleasure:


The Waverley Pen Tin.  These are around 90 years old and are very popular with the collectors.  The Waverley Pen was a product of MacNiven & Cameron Ltd. of Edinburgh.  They also have a famous little rhyme that goes with their products:  They come as a Boon and a Blessing to men  The Pickwick, the Owl, and the Waverley Pen.


These tins have very nice, colorful graphics and are useful as a craft supply for making items such as pocket shrines.  They are always a favored foundation to any collector’s display and they also make a great trinket, pill or stash box.

Here’s the link to Old Raven on Etsy where you can find these listed for purchase:

Before I go…


I went in to get some shipping supplies I keep stored in my laundry room and encountered a wild beast lurking in the shadow.


Smokey! – I just never know where I’m going to find this goofy cat!


But I always know where to find my sweet Bella, right by my side.

Have a good one. – Kriss




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