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Set of 16 Vintage Glass Knobs

Hello everyone and welcome to a brand new week!  I’ve got quite a pile of items to get listed so I’m going to stay very focused on getting new inventory squared away.  Let’s get going.


What a terrific find these were, 16 certainly Vintage and probably Antique glass drawer or cabinet knobs.  These are all the same size and style, too.


They are also the larger size at 1½” wide…


…and long.  These are the style that had the screw embedded in the glass.  You can see that there is some old paint on this knob, in fact almost all of them have a bit of paint on them.  For me, that’s just icing on the cake as I love a patina of age.  But, since these are glass if you don’t like that, it’s easily removed.


There’s a little color variance as you would expect from items made about 100 years ago, but the screws are all in good shape.

Can’t you just see your Farmhouse style kitchen twinkling with these lovely old knobs?

Click to go right to my shop, Old Raven on Etsy, and the listing for these glass beauties:

And on my spoiled animal front:


I call it the ‘Bells and Smokey Show’ and it is featured daily.  I’m getting ready to make the bed – if I can just get to it for the furry roadblocks.


Bella loves ‘gettin’ her kitty’, and the cat loves getting got.


What a pair.

Hope this gave you a smile to start your day – have a good one. Kriss

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