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DIY Master Bath Makeover

Hey everybody, I wanted to catch you up on what’s been going on in my world.  Big Changes!

My husband (Rocky) and I decided we needed to update a portion of our master bath. A DIY project of ripping out the shower/tub combination that’s been in there for the last 20 years and installing a new, deluxe shower.  These kind of adventures show you what you’re really made of.

But I’ve jumped neatly over two weeks that are gone but not yet forgotten … so let me back up and show you some pictures.


This is as close to a ‘before’ picture as I get because someone didn’t get a good ‘project begins’ shot.

Actually a couple of things have already occurred here, a light has been installed directly above the center of the old shower/bath enclosure.  The front panel of faux marble is gone, the curtain rod and some of the old hardware.  Let the destruction begin.


Another panel of the faux marble is off, look at all that goop!  I wonder why they used two different kinds of glue?  Actually, this reminds me of some of the hideous wallpaper from the 60’s and 70’s … the only thing missing is the tub and shower walls should be avocado green.


All the walls are off and now to get that tub out of there … talk about a tight fit!  And remember, this was a one man show, Rock got that out of there all by himself (no wonder I’m in love).


The tub is gone, we took it down to a reuse center for building supplies and our trash is going to be someone’s new treasure.


Rock has the old sheet rock off now, too.  Our trash can got pretty heavy but it all went in.  It’s been 21 years since I’ve seen those wall studs.  Rock and I built this house in ’99, I hate to be a cliche but wow, time really does fly.  But so many great memories between those days and now.



This is what’s been sitting in our garage for the last week … boxes of shower components, shower curtain, shower rod and brackets and what seems like an ungodly amount of glue.  But it’s time … the new gets to start moving in!


Oh yeah, the first piece of the new shower, my heart swells, my blood pressure rises, the end is in site.


Another wall and I put a tight reign on my emotions – too soon, Kriss, too soon.  In the meantime, I vacuum nearly constantly, dust (less constantly) and try to pretend showering in the much smaller second bath is an adventure.


I’ll tell you what, my man is amazing!  This is going to be such a wonderful change from stepping over that high tub edge and nearly busting my butt on more than one occasion. And add the fact that thousands of dollars are still nestled comfortably in our savings account because Mr. Fix It just digs in and gets it done.


The final wall is where all the hardware goes.  This is the sticky part … measure wrong and the fittings on the studs are not going to line up with the holes you just made in your brand new shower wall for the shower head and handles.  But hey, no pressure.


I’m already in fantasy land.  Look at that shower!  There’s so many ways to play in the hot water here I’m going to need written instructions.


Almost done, but a bit of sheet rock patching is required where the tub cut into it and up around the top edges of the new walls.  We debated and in the end we hired someone to do this step because of the textured finish.

Yes, the guy did a good job on the sheet rock but I was a bit disappointed to find sheet rock mud tracked in and out of my house and a two day job turned into a five day job (why do contractors do that?).  Still, the walls are done, he’s gone and, oh my, the bathroom is finished.


One final step completed by Rock, there was a section of floor that was exposed from the tub removal and where the original flooring ended.  We found some truly beautiful stone tiles and after some stone cutting, grouting and silicone sealing – we’re done.

I’m so happy with my new shower and I couldn’t be prouder of my husband and his talent, knowledge and abilities.

On the downside, our water bill is no doubt going to be shocking but who cares!  This water baby can spend all the time she wants in her new dream shower.

Thanks for following along with my adventures.  Next up, new listings for Old Raven and I’ve gotten back into my craft room too!  I know, it’s been a while, but I’ve been making Putz Houses – I think you’re going to like them.  Kriss



One thought on “DIY Master Bath Makeover

  1. Really like the progression detail in the project write up. Also guilty myself of not getting the complete “before” pictures. Seems like i think to write after I’m halfway done. Is the exterior wall 2×6? the spacing looks wider than 18″ on center. Nice job keeping things clean during the whole project!

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