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Morimura Bros. Art Nouveau Vase

Hi everyone.  As I write this post the wind is driving rain and hail against my window and I’m very glad to be inside next to a softly purring heat vent today.

For the most part, I restock my Antique and Vintage finds from a small thrift store that fairly consistently offers one or two good pieces each time I drop in.  But while surfing through Craigslist (another source, but I rarely find bargains there anymore) I saw a listing for a thrift store in the Garage Sale category.

A NEW THRIFT STORE … the very next day I was off and running to explore.


As it turns out, this store is more along the lines of a “thrift boutique” and is very, very small.  But it is immaculately clean and run by a trio of old ladies (I can say that because I are one) and they were quite the characters.


We chatted while I looked … and I discovered that most of their inventory is donated to them via Estate Sales.  Smaller items such as porcelain, jewelry, knick knacks and some cherry picked clothing arrive at the store if they didn’t go in the Estate Sale.  Oh. My. Gosh.


And the prices!  Be still my beating heart … really … I may have hyperventilated just a bit and I certainly began making a significant pile on their counter, which pleased all of us.

One of the items was this lovely Morimura Brothers Nippon Vase.  c1910, this lovely hand painted vase is a typical representation of the beautiful items this company produced and the style that captivated America at the turn of the last century.  This vase has the Moriage gold beading – a very desired accent on these pieces.

So, I left the shop carrying a nice large bag to the ladies’ requests that I come back again.  Oh yeah, I’ll be back for sure!


And as the rain pours down, the snow disappears.  This makes for a very sad doggy in my house.


So between chasing down the ball, Bella makes the most of the diminishing snow piles.


Some last, loving rolls, a few rounds of scratching, biting and eating the snow before it’s gone.


And a moment to savor the cold wetness on a hot tummy.  This girl loves the snow!

Have a good day folks. -Kriss



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