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Two UNOPENED Boxes of Waverley Pen Nibs

Greetings to one and all.  How’s your week going?

Today I have on offer two sealed boxes of Waverley Pen (nibs).  These nibs are over 100 years old so the odds that these boxes would still be unopened – astronomical!


I’m sure to many this newest listing will pass as unimportant, but to the calligrapher … this is a rare treasure.  It’s also a bit of a mystery (I seem to be on a roll with those lately).


Strangely, these boxes give no indication as to how many nibs are within.  Usually, nib boxes contain one gross (144) nibs.  Then there’s the Half Gross at 72 and the Quarter Gross at 36 and the box size usually coordinates with the count.


But these boxes are just a bit smaller than a normal full gross box and considerably larger than a Half Gross box.  I’d love to know how many are in there … but I’ll leave that privilege to the new owner.

A bit more info:  These boxes of nibs were made between 1837 and 1901.  See the V and R bracketing the crown?  That means they were made somewhere within the rule of Queen Victoria.

Another less slightly known fact, Gillott’s & Sons made Waverley Pens for the first ten years of production, and Gillott was the top pen maker – ever.

These are now available at Old Raven on Etsy – click over to see more:

Take a deep relaxing breath … the weekend’s in sight. – Kriss

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