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J. McCall Dogwood and Cherries S&P Shakers and Condiment Dish Set

Happy MLK Day – may his message of peace and brotherhood reach out to all of us today and every day.

Today I’ve listed a trio of little beauties in my shop Old Raven on Etsy.


J. McCall and Blue Sky Clay Works know what their doing when it comes to elevating something as mundane as salt & pepper shakers to be beautiful accents for your kitchen or dining table.  And they gave us nice little additions such as this lovely condiments dish, as well.


This pretty bowl/dish would be perfect for olives, nuts, cheese nibbles or fruit bits.  But Wow – doesn’t the pink blossoms and red cherries pop on that glossy black?


This is the bottom view on the bowl – it stands on three cherries (so cute) and has twining vines, leaves, blossoms and cherries with stems down here, too!


And not to leave out the pretty shakers.  I love the deep rich colors on the black.  And there’s even a bit of bling in the gold centers of the blossoms.


You know at a glance which is the salt and which is the pepper which is something everyone will be thankful for.  And those lipstick red tops – yes!

More pictures and info on the listing – here’s the link:


And while mom and dad are working hard at their computers in the home office, the kids are down for a nap, but within petting distance should the need arise.

Thanks for joining me today. – Kriss


2 thoughts on “J. McCall Dogwood and Cherries S&P Shakers and Condiment Dish Set

  1. Hi T – I’m not sure why, but about half the comments left on my blog never show up in my notifications – weird. (About the same percentage on ones I leave on other’s blogs, too). Just saw this one when I was looking back through for something. SO – hey, thanks for leaving your thoughts, always appreciated. Have a good one.


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