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Set Of Antique Gillott Nibs – Super Series

Hello and welcome.

Today I listed a new treat for the Gillott Nib enthusiast.  Gillott’s & Sons, for the uninitiated, was the top nib manufacturer throughout much of the period of dip pen use and popularity (roughly 1810 – 1920).

This was a specialty marketing pack of nibs made for the Alfred Field & Co. based in England.


But apparently, the Fields Co. also opened a branch in New York, probably somewhere around the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s.

This set was significant for the use of Stainless Steel vs simply steel – which always ran the risk of corrosion making the nib useless.


This promotional pack is in excellent condition – it even still has the tissue slip inside!  I love finding Gillott Nib extras like this, they’re incredibly rare.

Here’s the link for more info or if you need these for your collection:

Before I go, a few pictures of my goofy critters Bella the dog and Smokey the cat.


Snow is something to celebrate around these parts.  Bells LOVES snow.


I mentioned in a previous post, we’re replacing a 20-year-old bath/shower combination in our house with a new shower.  Rock has done all the work himself up to this point.  As you can see, the inspector has arrived to make sure everything passes code.  (So tempting to turn the water on.)  I know, I’m a bad mom.

Happy Sunday and thanks for peeking in. -Kriss


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