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Antique Gacor Handi-Lamp, Industrial or Steampunk Decor

Hi everyone, yeah, it’s been a couple of days since I’ve posted here.  I haven’t listed anything new in my shop(s) either.

Why?  Master bathroom makeover.  Photos before, during and all done will be coming soon (please God, I hope very soon).

But today I’ve just listed in my Etsy shop Old Raven this totally awesome light!


Now it’s no secret that I love Antique things with lots of patina and if they happen to have an Industrial or Steampunk vibe … so much the better.


This light was made by the Gacor Company and called the Handi-Lamp.  And it is!  That twisted metal neck has a ball joint adjustment at the base so you can swivel this lamp all around.  It also has an adjustment at the top for moving the light’s dome up and down.


But look at that patina – enamel black with lots of ‘character’ marks from living 100 years and being made use of time after time.


That’s a spring loaded clamp so you could haul your light to the garage and tinker on the Model T with this clipped to the edge of the hood.  Then take it back to the house where it serves as your desk lamp.


What a great old lamp – I love it!  Click below to go take a closer look:

But while the hubby was doing most of the heavy lifting on the remodel, I was making another batch of my little Faux Fires – these have been a great seller for me all year round since they’re perfect for Christmas displays as well as doll campfires and lots of things in between.


So I’ve been in my craft room cutting, gluing, glittering cottonwood ‘logs’ into a little pyramid that sits over a flickering battery tealight when it’s done.

But I rarely work alone.  Smokey came to visit and watch the birds outside.  That’s a busy tail right there as she focuses intently on the snowy scene outside.  And Bella the dog?  She’s snoozing on the other side of my tool box where she can keep an eye out for ‘dad’ and monitor ‘mom’, too.  She takes her responsibilities very seriously and isn’t happy until the whole pack is together again.

Thanks for being here with me.  Till next time. – Kriss


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