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Vintage Tin Box Made in Holland

Hello, and a warm welcome to all.

Today I’ve listed a very decorative Vintage tin box that was made in Holland.


This pretty little box is the perfect size to tidy things up whether it’s loose items on your desk, things like tea bags in the kitchen or little art supplies in the craft room… you can safely “stash” just about anything you want in here.


Or simply set it on a stack of old hardbounds and add a lovely punch of color to an artful display anywhere in your house or office.



One of the best features of this collectible tin is the lid is hinged so you can just pop it open, drop in the goods and then snap it closed.

Here’s the link to the listing in my Etsy shop Old Raven:

I would especially like to take a moment and thank all of you who follow my blog.  I alternate from posting about the items I list in my shop to posting step out ‘how to’s’ for my crafting creations.

Last year, 2019, was a pretty good year for my Etsy shop Old Raven.  Although my number of sales were down a bit, how much I actually got to put in the bank dropped even more.  This was the result of Etsy making some changes to their platform, namely:

Raising the fee for each item sold.

Charging a percentage fee from shipping costs charged by the seller to the customer.  I would like to add here that this was part of a campaign by Etsy to create “Free Shipping” across the board from all sellers.  Unfortunately, that just doesn’t work for many sellers and frankly it’s not a fair deal to the buyers either.  But Etsy has it’s heart set on competing with Amazon so the cost of doing business has gone up (substantially) for Etsy sellers.  While some of that cost is passed on to the buyer, quite a bit of it is absorbed by the seller in an effort to stay competitive in the open market place.

Changing the SEO algorithms that coordinate for better placement for sellers who offer “Free Shipping” (which of course, is not free, only buried in the item’s price).  If you don’t comply your item is now tucked pages and pages behind the pack, thus resulting in lower sales.

Still, there’s a lot of love invested in my Etsy shop.  I’ve worked hard to create it, keep it vital and interesting and frankly – there’s no where else to list handmade items.  Yes, there are a couple of sites out there but in reality either they’re just too expensive to use or there’s just not enough traffic to support moving my Old Raven shop from Etsy to a new platform.

I mention all these business details in part to thank those of you who may take an interested look at something I’ve posted here that’s for sale in my shop.  Or even better … those of you who may have made my day by buying something you’ve seen shown here on my blog … to those a really big THANK YOU is said as this is about the only advertising I can afford and as there are literally hundreds of millions of items listed on the Etsy site, getting found is no easy trick these days.

Well, it’s a new year.  2020 seems like such a balanced number doesn’t it?  And beings how I’m a Libra these type of numbers naturally appeal to a gal who has scales permanently attached to everything in her life.  I’m looking forward to 2020 and making new friends here on my blog, creating more art pieces and discovering what new things and new ways I can turn “this” into “that”.  I’m also looking forward to all new second hand store forays where stalking the isles of thrift, searching for that buried treasure hidden amongst the mundane – I can’t wait.

Please join me on my adventures – Happy 2020 All. – Kriss



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