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Vintage Abalone MOP Nacre Jewelry Box

Happy New Year Everybody!

Whew, I’m kinda glad 2019 is in the rear view mirror – how about you, are you ready to roll right into 2020?

I’m starting 2020 with quite a line up of new items in my shop.


The very first listing for 2020 is this amazingly intricate black lacquer box that is simply COVERED in an extremely detailed geometric pattern inlaid with abalone aka mother of pearl nacre, which ever term you prefer.

But this particular post comes with an apology… no matter how hard I tried I could not get the flash and fire, the true colorful explosion of the abalone.


Abalone, as I’m sure you know, is like fire opals in colors.  It’s a dirty shame I can’t show each and everyone of you this jewelry chest in person so you could all get the WOW factor here.


And then there’s the INSIDE.  Oh my gosh, the entire storage portion of this chest is covered bottom and sides and even the edging, in abalone.  This is truly a piece of art with incredible craftsmanship.


This is a large jewelry box folks at almost 9″ long!  What a treasure chest.  Here’s the link if you want a little more info:

In closing I would like to add that I recently got a notice from WordPress that I had made 200 posts.  That kinda snuck up on me.  I also realized that I had been setting up my posts incorrectly (a little confusion on the importance of categories vs tags). I’ll be working on getting some of my older posts fixed and maybe they’ll show up in search a bit better in the future.  But here’s to every new post reaching those who might be interested in their content… live and learn.

Take care and I wish us all a wonderful New Year. – Kriss

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