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Vintage Lead Miniature Donkeys and Ore Cart

HELLO and welcome back!

I just finished listing this set of lead miniature figures in my Etsy shop Old Raven – aren’t they cute?


And they’re SO tiny.  But look at the detail, the donkeys are hand painted in gray with brown accenting on their highly textured fur.  They both have red strapping and the pack donkey has yellow saddle bags as well.


The ore cart donkey has detail around the eyes, nose, hooves and even his ears are painted.  This little guy has lots of personality!  And look at that cart – plenty of molding built into it to make it appear to be made of wood planks and bolted metal.  The stones are real, 7 different varieties of ore.


The pack donkey is just as detailed and carefully painted and remember, these guys are barely 1¾ of an inch long!


Another view, this time from the top so you can see the color shading on the donkey’s back and types of rock varieties.

This was probably from a souvenir or curio shop but wherever it has been kept it was well taken care of.  The whole set is in extremely good condition and would make a great addition to any collector’s display.

Here’s the link to this listing in my shop:

I hope you click over and have a browse – lots of new items to see.

As always, thank you for joining me. – Kriss


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