Ding Dong – “It’s The Fuller Brush Man”

Good Morning, Afternoon and Evening.

I’m bringing back memories today.  “Ding Dong – It’s The Fuller Brush Man” was a radio jingle as well as a reality.  I remember hearing this when I was child and either mom would go to answer the door prepared to restock or she’d send one of kids to tell the hopeful salesman that mom didn’t need anything today.


These ‘crumb catchers’ were actually quite handy and though we didn’t always use a table cloth on our dining room table, we did use one frequently enough to actually have one of these units – and it was well used.


All you had to do was run this across your table and as it rolled along it would pick up all the crumbs and keep then in the base until you popped off the lid to dump them into the trash.  Pretty slick, really.


Just listed in my shop and here’s the link:



A tortoiseshell cat’s natural camo is impressive.  You can hardly tell which way around she is.  Actually, my cat Smokey here is another blast from the past as she was named after a much beloved tortoiseshell cat from my childhood who lived to be an amazing 18 years old!

Do you remember visits from the Fuller Brush Man?

Have a wonderful Tuesday. – Kriss

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