Kanto Miniature Binoculars, Vintage 1967-1977

Welcome everyone to my Monday blog post.

Today I have a neat pair of Vintage binoculars to show you.  These guys are really tiny, only about 3″ wide!


The brand is Kanto, a Japan manufacturer who made binoculars from 1967 to 1977.  Yes, these still work, too.


But what a great accent piece for your home decor or at the office or a den.  And I know, we’re all on the look out for something unique and unusual for Christmas gifting.


Model info is as follows: Kanto brand, Rosette Model #8146, 7 x 18 with original braided neck cord.


These would fit in a pocket or purse with ease.  But for me, they look very Steampunk or military and they would sit on a stack of hardbound books and look dignified.

Check them out at Old Raven on Etsy:


They’re very affordable, too.

Glad you dropped in – have a great Monday.  – Kriss

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