Early 1900’s Promotional Desk Organizer

Welcome to one all.

Today’s shop offering is a wonderful old brass desk organizer.


This piece might have been overlooked by quite a few people before someone with the curiosity of a cat (me) picked it up and opened the lid.


I love this kind of surprise.  Look at all these cool old tools!  Little tiny screwdrivers, little industrial tweezers, the strangest paper clip I’ve ever seen, a magnet and clock(?) tools + more.


Keep in mind, this organizer is only about 7″ long so those are tiny tools.


I was able to find a company by this name doing business in Kansas City MO in 1913 – could this be an item of promotional advertising from them?  Maybe.


The organizer itself is worthy of collecting but having it full of tools – that’s what I’m talking about, a treasure chest!


There’s three divided sections inside and look at that patina of age – love it.  The organizer and all the tools come as a package deal at Old Raven on Etsy, just click:


You might be wondering what’s going on in my craft room lately.  Well, I saw a picture on Craigslist a while back of an Antique Toy, someone was advertising that they bought Antique and Vintage toys.  But the picture was that of a toy boat/ship, pretty primitive and mounted on wheels for a child to pull around.  I love those old toys on wheels and have made a few of my own versions – Examples:




These are just a few things I’ve made with wheels, I just can’t seem to help myself, if I can add wheels, I probably will.

Anyways, the picture of that ship toy on wheels became a challenge for me.  What kind of ship could I make.  So that’s what’s happening in my craft room and hopefully it will be presented to you here shortly, so stay tuned.

Thanks for following along. – Kriss


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