Noise Makers- Happy New Years Retro Style

Welcome to my Friday blog post.

Today I’m featuring NOISE MAKERS.  Yes, I really felt the need to shout that but it’s appropriate, don’t you think?


Are you hosting a New Years Eve party this year?  Is it just going to be a ‘come as you are’ party, more formal, or maybe you like to change things up a bit and are planning a costume party?  How about retro 60s inspired by these fun noise makers.


These would make great party favors for guests, but check out the costume possibilities.


Drink, laugh and be merry – and make a lot of noise while you’re doing it!


These would be great 2020 mementos for your guests to take home with them.


But the best part is these are genuine Vintage, in very good condition and are ready to MAKE NOISE.


These are now listed in my shop Old Raven on Etsy and the link to go right to them is below.  But you’ll probably need more than four of these, not to worry.  There are lots of listings on Etsy right now for these great Vintage noise makers and at really good prices, too.  Hop over and buy a pile of these fun party favors and make your 2020 Party one to remember.


Yesterday, Bells and I walked over to our community orchard where I tried to wear her out throwing tennis balls.


But the best part was coming back by the Fire Station where piles of shoveled snow still remained.  Oh yeah, that feels good on hot dog tummies.


But we’re still not quite ready to let go of the tennis ball in order to chew on some nice cold snow.


Okay, now we’re starting to unwind a bit.


And it’s time for the bite and roll, which is difficult on such a small pile of snow.


Still, she makes it work.  Bells says “more snow please”.

Thanks for dropping in and following me, have a great weekend. – Kriss


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