BSA Badges from the 1990’s

Hi everyone.  Just a quick hop onto the blog today.

BSA – Boy Scouts of America.  I was born and raised in the West, in an area with a pretty sparse population count so for me, nature craft was just part of growing up.  But for thousands upon thousands of kids BSA was their ticket to the great outdoors and the patches and badges were ways of validating those tickets.


These badges and patches are NOS and all are bright colorful emblems of fun times past.


Collectors of Vintage BSA paraphernalia is a huge club.  Some collect by area, some by symbol and others craft these patches and badges into new items such as throw pillows and fashion statements:



such as this denim jacket remake – cool.

This lot of 30 NOS BSA patches and badges is now listed in my Etsy shop Old Raven:


Have a good one. – Kriss

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