Antique and Vintage Horse Brass

Hi All.  I’ve got a truly unique listing going up in my shop Old Raven on Etsy today.

Horse Brass  Yep, that’s what I said.  Here’s a quick definition from Wikipedia:

“A horse brass is a brass plaque used for the decoration of horse harness gear, especially for shire and parade horses. They became especially popular in England from the mid-19th century until their general decline alongside the use of the draft horse, and remain a collectors item today”

The things you learn while blogging – right?


Here’s some closeups.  These things are solid brass and heavy.  But as I was doing my research I realized that these come in every pattern you can imagine.


And there’s quite a selection of sizes and shapes, too, though predominantly, most come in these disc shapes.  But they really are all little works of art!


There certainly seems to be a Horse Brass for everyone though, no matter what your symbol might be.


What an unusual find this was and it took me a while to actually track down what these were.  But that’s the best part of my pickin’ finds – going from “what on earth” to “bingo, I’ve got you now”.  Horse Brass, who knew?

Here’s the link, just click and follow:


Enjoy your day. – Kriss

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