Tart Tin Christmas Tree Forest

Welcome to one and all.  My twinkling Christmas lights are up, it’s snowing and I’ve been making adorable little Tin Christmas Trees.

I’ve posted a ‘how to’ if you want to make your own. https://oldravencreates.com/2019/11/29/repurposed-tart-tins-christmas-trees/

I’ve also already posted links to a couple of the trees pictured above.  Instead of doling these out one listing at a time, I decided to give you the links to the remaining five trees all at once. Click on any of the links you’re interested in to go right to my online Etsy shop Old Raven.


This is one of my favorites.  So simple – but sometimes that’s the best.  The gold pine cone on top seems to pick up the light and glow with it.



20191129_101958 (2)

This one I used a Vintage earring (minus all the back stuff) for the tree topper.



Another glittery pine cone but this one is ruby red.  Love that patina on the tins.



These last two are a bit more plain but these trees look really nice mixed with the more ornate trees making it a three piece grouping.  I used silver filigree bead caps (two different kinds) for the tree toppers here.




I’m very pleased with the way these miniature Christmas trees turned out.  While I like, and have used many times, the “bottle brush” Christmas trees in my displays, I’m looking forward to using these Vintage tin trees as a unique alternative.

I think maybe the next round should have some glittery mica flake snow on the edges or maybe some Vintage Glass Glitter.  What do you think?  How would you like to see one these trees made just for you?  Let me know your thoughts and as always, thank you so much for following my blog. – Kriss


This was the scene that I woke up to this morning.  My husband and I prefer to put our Christmas tree(s) outside on our front porch and this is what we see from our front windows.  And our neighbors get to enjoy it, too.  About 3″ of snow fell over night.  Let it snow!

3 thoughts on “Tart Tin Christmas Tree Forest

  1. Wow, that’s the pot calling the kettle black – you are the Creative Queen! Glad you liked my trees – I’m going 2nd hand store shopping today to see if I can find some old rhinestone earrings that would make good tree toppers. Thanks for checking in Wendy – have a terrific day.

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