Tart Tin Christmas Tree with Red Trim

Hey everyone – how’s your weekend going?  Snowflakes are falling outside my window as I write this and I have ‘Very Snowy Spruce’ scented wax melting in the burner so my whole house smells like the mountains.

In my last post –  https://oldravencreates.com/2019/11/29/repurposed-tart-tins-christmas-trees/

– I did a step out ‘how to’ for making these cute little tart tin Christmas trees.  If you’d rather not make your own or don’t have the time or materials – not to worry.  I’ve made seven of these festive decorative trees and will be getting them listed, one by one, in my Etsy shop Old Raven.  Just click on the “Old Raven on Etsy” symbol above to go right to my shop or click on the listing below if you want to see this tree in particular.


These tart tin trees are small, perfect for adding as accents to your mantel or tabletop Christmas scene.


I made a couple of plain trees, too, so you could make a little forest scene if you wanted.


But there’s plenty of styles to choose from and they will all be listed soon.  This tree with the glittery red balls is available here:


More trees coming right up! – Kriss

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