Vintage Porcelain Perfume Bottle

Welcome and Happy Day Before Thanksgiving.  Our weather here took a turn for the worse yesterday and Old Man Winter came knocking with a very heavy fist.  High winds rattled our little house all night long and shows no sign of stopping, and stinging slivers of snow get mixed in now and then just for fun.

But it’s nice and cozy inside and perfect for working in my shop.  Today’s listing is a very pretty porcelain dainty.


This is a Vintage porcelain perfume bottle, embossed with hand painted floral bouquets, pink and blue highlights and gold gilt accenting.


It’s also unusually tall at 8″ but over 2″ of that is the dauber which makes it very easy to handle – usually those daubers are so tiny you can’t hardly hold on to them.


This bottle is in excellent condition, too.


Since it’s almost after Thanksgiving I feel like I can now mention the “C” word without cringing.  This would make a lovely Christmas present and not leave a hole in your wallet.

Check it out here in my Etsy shop Old Raven:


I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving. – Kriss

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