ME (Mary Engelbreit) Scottie Dog Cookie Jar

Hello everyone, and Happy Holiday week – Thanksgiving – yeahhhhhhh.  (Food’s a biggie with me, can you tell?)

So, today I just listed something that’s near and dear to my heart – Mary Engelbreit’s (ME) Scottie Dog Cookie Jar.  Near and dear because I had three of these adorable Scottie dogs over the years.  Two males – Mac and Mickey and the last was a female named Hannah.

Now in all truthfulness, it should be pointed out that Scotties are Terriers ( this should be spelled Terrors) but they’re just so darned cute! they get away with murder.  Everyone recognizes Scotties and thinking they’re going to be just like their cute little stuffed toy animal counter parts, all sweet and cuddly, imagine their surprise when the Scottie totally ignores them (at best) or (at worst) bares those sharp teeth in a snarl that says ‘if you want to keep those fingers – DON’T TOUCH’.

Still, I loved my Scotties and their quirky Terrier (bad) attitude.

Okay, back to my latest listing:


This is a large cookie jar right at 12″ tall.  But isn’t it just too darn cute?!?  Scotties are known for their stockiness, scruffy fur and pointy ears (which are really horns in disguise).


ME frequently has a Scottie featured as a companion in her art.  She did a great job on the fur and adding a bright floral collar was perfect against the black.


But look at that profile, adorable is an appropriate adjective for Mary Engelbreit products in general, and for this Scottie especially.


ME’s attention to detail and vivid color palette is what makes her work clearly and uniquely her own.


And what’s funny here is Scotties can actually plop right down on their furry little butts and sit up – just like this guy here is doing.  No wonder they make great stuffed toys.


The opening on this cookie jar when the lid is off is a very nice size so when you grab a handful of cookies you can still get your hand back out with the loot.


Unbelievable, close to 20 years old and in excellent condition, too.

Just click on this link to go right to the listing in my shop:


I always appreciate you dropping in, thank you. – Kriss


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