Antique Murano Glass Wedding Cake Bead Necklace and Earrings Set

Welcome and an excellent day to you.


As promised, the Venetian Murano Glass Wedding Cake Bead Necklace (and matching earrings).  No one really knows when/where the “Wedding Cake” term began but you can see why – each one of these beads look like they’re the special pastry treat at a party.


But what’s even more amazing – each one is entirely handmade from glass!  How about a little history on the “how to”.  Somewhere back around the 1920’s an expert lampwork (glass) artisan in Italy started with molten, yellow-cream glass and formed the first 16mm bead.

Next he made ‘aventurine’ which is transparent glass that is fused with copper filings and then added a wide center ribbon of this glittery substance to the center of the bead.

Next, thin delicate zigzags of the aventurine is added on either side of the ribbon.  Can you imagine the time and effort of each of these steps?

Then tiny blue and white glass dots are added to make Fiorato (floral) forget-me-nots with cherry red centers.  And finally, two shades of pink are set in a careful flourish to form delicate pink roses on the glittering ribbon of the bead.

Now times that at 15.


This necklace is a very rare 26 inches long.  And those lovely oval/egg shaped beads…


…those are also handmade glass with an unusual almost iridescent finish to them.  Each bead has a pretty little filigree cap on each end, too.

And then there’s the ornate fish hook clasp with three faceted marcasite stones for just a little extra bling.


To finish, a pair of cabochon style clip on earrings that match the necklace are included. WOW – such a lovely strand of history and art to grace a pretty neck.

I’ve just put this listing up in my shop Old Raven on Etsy – come see:


Looking for that truly unique and special Christmas present?  This could be it.

And speaking of Christmas, my next crafting ‘how to’ will be coming up soon.  Do you like a bit of the rustic in your Christmas decor?  How about small decorative Christmas trees made out of little fluted tin cups.  These are going to look fantastic next to your tin or  Primitive Christmas Village.  Coming Soon.

Thank you one and all for joining me.  – Kriss

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