Unusual Prince Matchabelli Perfume Bottle – Collectors Input Appreciated

Hello and Good Morning, Afternoon or Evening to All.

I’ve got a mystery!  And as it happens, I love mysteries.  A recent pickin’ expedition had me coming home with three lovely Antique/Vintage glass bottles – all purple glass.  Two of them, I’m positive, are manganese glass. But this one, hmmmm, I just don’t know.


This is a bottle for Prince Matchabelli perfume but what’s weird is it appears to be in the process of turning purple like the Antique glass that had manganese added to it which, when exposed to UV or radiation, slowly turns purple over time.


But is this brand of bottle/glass old enough to fit this possibility?  I could find nothing to support this theory.  But I have to say – this bottle is beautiful in purple.


And then there’s the mystery of the glass crown-shaped stopper.  Prince Matchabelli bottles traditionally have a cross-shaped top.  So does this pretty crown-shaped glass stopper (also purpling) not original to this bottle?  If it’s not, well, it looks too beautiful there to separate them now.


At least I’m very sure the bottle IS Prince Matchabelli.  I’m also pretty sure this bottle and lovely stopper will be a wonderful addition to some lucky collector’s hoard.

Here’s the link to my shop Old Raven on Etsy:


Do you have some clues, a kernel of knowledge or grains of truth to impart about these two pieces?  Please share with us.

And from the critter corner:



What animals do best.

Thank you for reading my blog and following. – Kriss

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