Antique “Purple” Glass Perfume Bottle

Happy Hello Everyone!

Man, I love Vintage and Antique stuff and this week was a great one for finding treasures tucked in with ‘trash’ at my local pickin’ stores.

Some of my finds include an astounding Vintage Venetian Murano Wedding Cake Bead Necklace with matching earrings (c 1920 – 30s).  An Eva Zeisel Teapot and three lovely little Antique perfume bottles.

I’ll be getting all of these listed in my shop just as quick as I can and today, I’m starting with one of the little collectible bottles.


Prior to the 1920’s (approx) some clear glass items were made with the addition of manganese.  As it turned out – this glass, when exposed to UV or radiation – turns purple over time.  It’s just beautiful!


This little 3″ bottle was probably a perfume bottle.  Look at those fancy swirls around the neck and the tiny bubbles trapped in the glass.


The base is just as ornate if not more so, truly beautiful flourishes here as well as four little feet that raise the bottle up from the surface.  Very unique.


Even the bottom of this lovely little bottle is decorated.  But isn’t that color amazing, such a delicate lavender that may even continue to turn a richer shade over time.

This listing is now available in my shop Old Raven on Etsy – just click:


And now a few pictures of how I start my day, walking Bella:


Out for a walk on a beautiful Fall morning.  She decided she needed this BIG stick to go along with us.  But we’re about to cross the street and she has to wait until mom says ‘okay’.


Mom:  I don’t know – do you think that stick is big enough Bells?

Bella:  Stick?  What stick?  Can we go yet?


Mom:  Okay.

And she’s off with her plume of a tail waving in the air.  This dog makes me smile – a lot!

Thank you for joining me today, enjoy. – Kriss


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