Antique Hand Painted Postcard – India Elephants

Hello and Welcome Back to my blog.

Today I’ve listed a new item in my shop that was an Estate Sale find.


This is an old postcard (probably from the 1920’s or there about) that has three hand-painted Indian Elephants on the front.


And aren’t they gorgeous!  Not only is the detail wonderful – they are covered in gold accents – as well as the card, which is liberally splattered with gold.

This has an imprinted postage stamp and the card has been cancelled through their postal service.


This is the back of the card – isn’t the script fascinating?  And look at the two digit phone number – pretty old I think.


I found this lovely postcard inside this truly cool clear acrylic frame.  The frame ‘clicks’ together by virtue of two magnetic dots, one to each side.  So the postcard is not only totally visible, both sides, it’s also protected as it’s on display.  I think this card was quite cherished by it’s previous owner.

Here’s the link to this beauty in my Etsy shop Old Raven, this would make a wonderful (inexpensive) gift:


As always, I very much appreciate you stopping in. – Kriss

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