Lace Bobbin Suncatchers

Hello Everyone – and welcome back for my latest project “how to”: Suncatchers.


This is the temp I woke up to this morning… Burrrrrr.  We just sort of went from the end of Summer to Winter overnight here.  Okay, if that’s the way it’s going to be I need to bring a little more sun into my life, maybe you do to, and here’s how, Suncatchers.


I’m always on the lookout for unique crafting supplies and when I came across a bag full of wood lace bobbins at a second hand store, they were quickly added to my craft stash. You can also buy these used online – try Etsy or eBay.


I’m going to use fishing swivels, jump rings and little split rings for these projects, too.  Fishing swivels are especially good “jewelry/craft” components for suncatchers as they’ll let the crystals turn easily as they dangle, sending rainbows all around.


These are little tiny screw eyes.  You can find them in different colors/finishes, too. The silver on the left came from Hobby Lobby and the bag of mixed colored ones on the right is from Tim Holtz’s  Ideaology line.


Whenever I find Vintage or Antique crystal brilliants aka prisms I snatch them up.  You can find these on Etsy and eBay, as well, and don’t forget to keep an eye on your local Craigslist for this type of supply.


Though I certainly use the drop pendants and octagons, I also use the the glass spacer beads and strings.


These two cards of rhinestone charms were on a sale table – Yes!


Here’s the tools I’ll be using:  a couple of small (jewelry) pliers and a craft pick.  Now that we have all the pieces/parts – let’s go.


Using the craft pick I poked a ‘starter’ hole in the fat end of the first bobbin.


Insert an eye screw and screw it on in with either your fingers, or if it’s too hard, use the pliers.  Repeat this step with the top end of the bobbin.


Since I have lots of colors of screws and rings, I’m going to mix it all up and build each “drop” different from the next as I like an eclectic mix.

Once the eye screw is in, add a jump or split ring and then a swivel.


A spacer bead set from my chandelier stash is added to a second jump ring off the bottom end of the swivel.


Another ring and another swivel go on…


…with one more ring and then one of the rhinestone charms to finish it off.

I made five of these drops, very random in colors of swivels and rings and varied my overall length of each, too, by adding more or less of the combination of the parts.

20191107_101809 (2)


I also made one drop with a crystal pendant.  As I was crafting I realized I had ideas for two different types of suncatchers so I made enough drops to cover both projects.


These are two pieces of metal ivy branches. Again, these are just oddities that I found at a second hand store.  The top ivory and blue piece is how I found them (yuck) but with a couple of colors of acrylic craft paint, the bottom piece is now the look I want.

20191104_150329 (2)

I also used a punch and hammer to create holes in the tips of the leaves – my idea here is to hang a drop off each leaf.

20191107_100628 (4)

I’ve added a 12″ section of chandelier glass beads to suspend the suncatcher and these beads will add just that much more flash and rainbows to the overall effect.

I attached the beads with a couple of the painted jump rings. And DONE!

Below are pictures of the two finished suncatchers.  There’s nothing quite as satisfying as upcycling and whether it’s you making something from those random pieces/parts or supporting an upcycle artist by purchasing their work – it’s a win win all around!

Here’s the links to both of these Suncatchers that are now listed and available in my Etsy shop Old Raven:



20191107_100628 (2)








Thank you so much for coming along on these projects.  Until we meet again…Kriss

Oh, and we recently got some new furniture in the living room – Smokey approves (thank god).



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