Join The Battle – Sergent Major Tin

Welcome All!

Just a quick post today.  This is the other new nib tin storage I made last weekend.  Before anyone starts shaking their head at my spelling of “sergent” this is accurate in French which is appropriate since this is the upcycled box of Sergent Major nibs by Blanzy Conte Gilbert.


I spend quite a bit of time searching for the Antique nibs and boxes, especially the boxes that are unique in appearance like this one.


This wonderful old Sergent Major box has great battle graphics on the front and I like keeping my tin storage units as authentic as possible, so I also include the genuine bottom of the box, as well.


These tins will help calligraphers keep those tiny little nibs in order and easy to get to but in Antique style!


And these tins are SO small that they’ll slip into a pocket or purse with no difficulty at all.  These tins are made to travel.  Also, these make great little pill boxes or stash boxes.  Looking for inexpensive gifts – here you go.

Follow this link to my Etsy shop Old Raven and see all the styles available for nib tins:



Have a great day everybody, thanks for sharing it with me. – Kriss

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