Calligrapher’s Nib Tin Storage – Joseph Gillott’s Silvery Pens #104

And we’re off – Monday, another new week already.

I got to spend some time in my studio last week and it was very productive.  And thanks to one of my Old Raven customers I remembered that I had not made the storage tin for one of my favorite Antique nib boxes:


This is Joseph Gillott’s Silvery Pens nibs #104, which were made in the late 1800s.  I love the graphics on this box.


It was a little tricky though to get it shrunk down to the storage tin size because this box is quite a bit larger/longer than the regular size nib box made by Gillott at the time.


But thanks to a very computer literate husband, I have now been able to add this lovely tin nib storage unit to my every-growing selection of calligraphy items in my shop.

These nib tins are so tiny – they make excellent little pill boxes and hey – they’re also perfect for any kind of stash box, too.


Even the back of this tin is true to the original nib box.  As always, I’m including the link to my Etsy shop, Old Raven, so you can go right to it:


Of course, if you have time, I hope that you take a moment and browse some of the other  treats in my section dedicated to calligraphy and pen related items.


And though we might be back to sunshine – baby, it’s cold out there ALREADY.  Our community here has a small orchard which is a lovely place to go for a short dog walk.


But this morning it showed how quick we’re moving from warm to cold.  Many of the leaves haven’t even had a chance to change colors yet!  I wonder what kind of Winter we’re in for?  I’m ready (I think).

Thanks for joining me today, I really appreciate it. – Kriss

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