1940’s German Tin Litho Collectible

Happy Sunday Everyone!  Man, we’ve been having some stormy weather here including wind, lightening, hail, rain and sun – crazy!!!  I watched a whirlwind march up my alley headed right for my back yard and feared the worst for my deck furniture.  But it stopped right at my back gate – whew.

This week I’ve been working in my craft room adding three more ‘letter’s to my altered art dictionary and two new nib tins to the calligraphy collection. (I’ll post those in separate blogs when I get some proper pictures.)


But today, it’s all about this Vintage cookie (or for Europeans, biscuit) tin.  This is a Georg Goess Tin Litho.


This 1940s tin is in excellent condition with it’s bright clear graphics in orange, blue and yellow.


There are famous historical structures featured here, as well as famous people and coats of arms.


But what’s truly special is the condition of the tin.  Wow, collector’s are going to love this find, I guarantee it.


For those who like to plan ahead – yep, this would be a wonderful gift for the tin litho collector in your life.

Here’s the link so you can go right to this in my online shop Old Raven on Etsy:



Nature’s art recently included sprinklers left on in a field overnight.


Common weeds become the finest crystal.


Absolutely beautiful!

Enjoy the delights of Fall wherever you are. – Kriss


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