Kathi Urbach Frosted Tumblers – Boho Bar

Welcome to October and FALL!  I love this time of year – bursts of colors from the trees, cool days custom made for long walks and, of course, Halloween.

It’s Thursday and we’re almost to the weekend – yayyyyyyyyy.

Today’s new listing to my shop Old Raven on Etsy is a set of lovely glass tumblers from the 1940’s by the artist Kathi Urbach.


Kathi Urbach was best known for her porcelain sculptures and figurines but she also contracted with Goldcrest China company of Trenton, New Jersey, to produce a product line of glasses.


These tumblers have nice heavy bases so they aren’t at all ‘tippy’ when you set them down.  But look at that tasty lemony-lime satin frosting on each glass.  These tumblers look like they’re already filled with a deliciously chilled cocktail.

20190926_081451 (2)

Each glass is stamped with “Kathi Urbach” and along with the cooling frost they’re  accented with a blooming branch which features white blossoms and buds, yellow stamen and green leaves.


They are the perfect size for cocktails, ice tea and mint juleps.  These retro tumblers would be perfect for the Boho bar!

Here’s the link so you can hop on over and click for more info:


Thank’s for stopping in – Kriss

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