1950s Hull USA 79 Duck Planter

Good day to one and all.

Halloween is still keeping me very busy in my craft room making even more Black Widow Spiders…


… this is my “Variety Pack”, and my “Witch Fires” (see Sept. 29, 2019 post).

Until I can get ahead of my orders I’ll continue to fill in with my latest shop listings from my Antique or Vintage finds.


This is a planter by Hull Pottery from the 1950s.  Hull used a matte finish until the 1950s when the plant suffered a fire and a flood and was forced to close for almost two years.  When they reopened they came out with a fresh new look – a high gloss finish to their artwork.


This planter is one of the best examples that I have ever found for this particular model.  The paint has a delicate, almost Ombre, look to it as it subtly flows from one color to the next.

And look at the sculpting on this piece – the sense of motion as the water rushes in waves around the circumference of the bowl from the duck rising up from the pond’s surface. Beautiful!


Unfortunately, there were some fake Hull produced, but this one has the “Hulls USA” stamped on the base along with the model 79.  It’s the real deal folks.  And it’s also in excellent condition, what a find!

Do you want to take a better look?  Follow the link to my Etsy shop Old Raven below:


I don’t have any critter pics for you today but I do have a picture of the changing seasons here in Boise, Idaho.


This is a portion of one of my communities nature preserves.  As you can see the sprinkler left on overnight made a huge ‘glass’ mat of ice this morning.  Oh yeah, Fall is here and Winter is already peeking in the door.

I always appreciate you stopping in for a visit, thank you. – Kriss


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