Witch Fire – Halloween Decor

Hello World!  How’s it going?

This is the time of year my Etsy shop Old Raven really starts moving Halloween.  And I LOVE making Halloween treats (and tricks).


This is a version of my Faux Log Fires that I make for Christmas Holiday decor (or dollhouse decor, Barbie campfires, etc.) only – Halloween’s fire has a grizzly twist – BONES!!!



Throughout the structure bones are tucked in here and there giving this little campfire a very nasty appearance.


These Witch Fires make use of a standard Tea Light that creates a very real illusion of flame.


The Tea Lights have a switch that can be turned on and off and they’re cheap and easy to replace when they finally give up the ghost (sorry, sometimes I can’t help myself with the puns).


This is my “Witch’s Cauldron” with one of the Witch Fires glowing beneath.  There’s plenty of ways to use this Witch Fire in your Halloween decor including flickering on your buffet table, accenting your spooky mantel display or next to the chocolate eyeballs candy dish – use your imagination – go wild!

Here’s the link to my Witch Fires and don’t forget to check out my other Halloween items while you’re there:


Thank you everyone for supporting my blog and my Etsy shop Old Raven.  It’s the positive feedback (and the sales) that keep me happily creating new projects and blogs.

Cheers – Kriss


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