Horseless Carriage Lantern – Dietz Lamp

Hey Everyone – how’s your Tuesday going?

Today I’m traveling back to the 1800s.


This is a Dietz Buckeye Dash Lamp Model No. 0.  This was made for the horseless carriage (what the very first automobiles were called) industry.


It burned kerosene and basically just hung off the front of your carriage/car and lit the road ahead, though probably rather poorly I would suppose especially compared with today’s headlights!


They even made a model that had a red glass globe for the rear of the carriage/car.  Car safety standards begin.


It’s amazing when any of these types of items make it down through the years – and in this good of shape – forget about it!


At some point in the past someone wanted to glam up his ride by painting the light gold which probably helped save it from rusting out.  There are no rust throughs on this light!

Here’s your link if you want to look at this further in my shop Old Raven on Etsy:


Gotta run – lots more pictures to take on this weeks new shop listings but, as always, THANK YOU for coming along with me. – Kriss


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