Tiny Nib Storage (or) Stash Tin!

Hey – how’s your weekend going?

We’re enjoying an early Fall day here – and it’s beautiful.


I’ve posted lots of these tin nib storage units in the past, all of which have featured varieties of the Gillott’s brand, but this one is a bit different.


I use artwork from the old 1800’s nib boxes to create these tins and I’ve been slowly gathering some of the more ‘eclectic’ boxes out there from other brands to add to my selection.  Believe me, these old boxes are hard to find, too.


But this one – what can I say – it’s so great!  I love the graphics here.  And though this was actually the name of the nib you could make this an ‘all purpose’ nib storage.


These tins are so small they would also make great pill boxes for your purse or pocket.  This particular art cover would make an exceptional stash box.

Here’s the link if you want to take a better look (or maybe buy a couple):


What’s new in critter world?  Well, I was walking across a meadow this morning when I came across this little vole eating his brunch.

Neither person or dog fazed this little guy in the least.  That’s the end of my walking staff that I gave him a nudge with.  Guess he was really hungry.

Thanks for coming along. – Kriss

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