The “King of German Card Games”

Happy Friday!

Today I’ve added a Vintage card game to my shop’s inventory – but this isn’t just any card game – it’s the national game of Germany and is called the “King of German card games”.


It certainly has lovely face cards!  This is a three-person trick-taking card game and has been around since (approx) 1810.


Now, I don’t speak German and I’ve personally not played the game – but I think it’s interesting that the 10 of clubs…


…and the 7 of hearts both have these symbols (ASS) on them.  Hmmmm.  So, whether you’re a collector of Vintage or Antique Playing Cards…


…or maybe it’s WWII memorabilia that interests you – because you can bet a lot of American GIs brought home a deck of these cards – this is a great opportunity to add to your collection.  This deck is in excellent condition and even still has the tissue paper thin (inspection)? sheet inside the box. I don’t believe this deck has ever been used and it’s also an Anniversary deck – 100 years! Wow – and that was in 1932!!!

Here’s the link to this listing in my shop Old Raven on Etsy:



And this morning when I was coming back from my dog walk – can you see the cat melding with the tree here?


Then she dashed in front of me and the dog to run up on the deck and disappear behind the BBQ.  Ah, Smokey – you forgot your tail.


As you can see it really irritates her when I blow her hiding spot.

Have a good weekend.  Thanks for visiting.  -Kriss


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