Elsie Svennas Handbook of Lettering for Stitchers, 1973 Embroidery How To Book

Greetings and Good Day.

The weather is changing here – Fall has arrived.  And I love it!  Cool days means long dog walks and when the rain falls – more time to spend in the craft room.

Today’s new shop listing is a rare find for the embroiders out there.


This is the definitive “how to” book for embroidery.  It was originally published in Sweden in 1966 and it wasn’t until 1973 that it had its first US printing and then sadly it went out of print years and years ago.


Along with plenty of helpful pictures, there’s pages and pages of instructions, tips and techniques, some of which are centuries old in their origin.


I was especially careful when I was photographing this book for the listing because I’m pretty sure it was only opened a few (if that) times – so basically, never used!


Every needlecrafter should have this rare and valuable book in their reference library.

Follow the link below to see it in my Etsy shop Old Raven:


This mornings job for Smokey?  While I was posting this blog I heard growling from the living room.


Hard to see on a dark rainy day but the left arrow is Smoke in the windowsill and the right arrow is the intruder on her lawn.


I mean really, the nerve of some people.  Laying there like they own the place.  I can tell you one moment after I took this pic Smoke was headed for the cat door and as soon as I heard the door slap closed so did this cat out front.  He was gone before Smokey made it around to the front (lucky for him, I think)!

Thanks for being here.  Have a great day.

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