Mid Century California Ceramics – Collectibles

Yay, it’s Saturday!  I hope you’re out having fun (but of course you check for awesome blog posts before you go to bed).


This is my second post for Avis Wright mid-century California Ceramics.  Look at that face – isn’t she beautiful!?!




This darling girl in her pretty dress accented in gold was meant to be a planter or vase.


Her huge pink bow in the back is the actual vase/planter area.  Wouldn’t she look perfect in a kitchen windowsill with a lacy trailing plant spilling out of her bow?


California was and still is a well-known hot spot for unique ceramics from the 1920s through to today.  But the older pieces, particularly the mid century work, is getting harder and harder to come by.  Especially in the condition of this little lady.

Here’s the link – hop over to my shop, Old Raven on Etsy, and take a closer look:


Thank you. – Kriss

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