Original 1925 Pompeian Beauty Panel ‘Yard Long’ Print – Beauty Gained…

Happy Friday Everyone!

I’m not saying there aren’t some amazing advertisements out there today but I’m not sure I would call them ‘art’ in the classic sense.


This is an original advertisement for Pompeian Beauty products from 1925 – and it’s absolutely gorgeous!

This is what is called a “Yard Long” print and they are highly sought after by collectors.  The colors are so deep and rich with artistry.

This particular panel features a very handsome couple, she is holding roses and an engagement ring.  Named “Beauty gained is love retained” this panel is clearly dated and labeled for the Pompeian Beauty line.


The back of the panel is covered top to bottom with a plethora of items and their descriptions from the Pompeian line.  At the bottom of the panel is a complete 1925 calendar.

This panel is nearly 100 years old and does show some signs of age – but who cares – it’s SO beautiful.

Click the link below to go right to this beauty in my shop:


Have a great weekend. – Kriss

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