Vintage Avis Wright Dutch Figurines

I’ve really been busy taking pictures, making listings and carving out time in my craft room with the result – time is just flying by at mach 1.

The latest addition to my Etsy shop (Old Raven) is this pair of porcelain figurines.


These were made by Avis Wright, an artist based in Glendale CA who produced lovely porcelains in the 1940’s and 50’s.


California was (and still is) a real hot spot for ceramics and pottery frequently made from native California clay.


These two cuties aren’t just figurines – they’re also planters or vases.  But what’s especially of note on them…


…is their faces!  The boy is so adorable anyways with his blue vest with gold buttons, the cap with the black bill and his curly brown hair.  But it’s this face and the expression the artist captured – he’s absolutely perfect.


And the girl is just beautiful in her authentic Dutch garb including her cute little cap.  These two are a matched pair (nearly impossible to find) in their pale blues and whites.


They’re also a good size for being able to perch on a windowsill for growing a couple of spice plants.  Or tuck in some pretty silk flowers instead.


The makers marks are clearly printed on their bases.  These two are in excellent condition and ready to go home!

Enjoy your weekend folks and stay tuned for more shop goodies.

And in the Studio – a new project is in the works.  I was recently inspired by the picture of an Antique toy boat with a real Steampunk vibe to it.  Now there’s nothing for it but to see if I can make something like it.  We’ll see what comes out of this adventure. – Kriss


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