Halloween Desk Decor – ATB Art Cube

Finally – I know I’ve mentioned that this ATB would be “coming up next” and I did have the project completed for a little while but the dog gone pictures seem to take forever to get right.   And the fact is, they’re still not very good in the sense that the pictures do not properly show the glitter that is on this piece.

Still, here we go:  My Vintage Postcard ATB.


I selected four downloads of Antique Halloween Postcards for this project.  I love the beautiful artwork in the old Greeting and Postcards.


These four postcards were especially desirable because each one has a little poem that is a charm for Halloween.


Within each poem is the foundation of an old (to us) superstition.  But look at all the detail put into a ‘simple’ postcard.


And I love how they used to spell (and no doubt pronounced) Hallowe’en.   Apples, and apple peels in particular are frequently represented in old Halloween pictures and as it turns out it was a form of fortune telling.  The peels somehow indicated the persons romantic future.


Aren’t these cards amazing – this one really has it all going and those strange/creepy corn and pumpkin people show up a lot in the Antique pictures.  All manner of ‘squash’ beings were frequently included in Halloween art.


This felt witch’s hat was the perfect size to top off my art cube.  Using a variety of punches and Fall colored papers I then drew in veins on every leaf and then edged each one in coffee brown ink.  Then I began to glitter.

All the leaves and the pip berry vines each got a touch of early frost.  There’s a nice thick edge of glitter all around the hat’s outer rim, too.


But this is where my photographic skills began to fail me.  Glitter, especially a translucent glitter like I’ve used here, is nearly impossible to capture for the screen.


But these wonderful old postcards were frequently accented with clear German glass glitter and I wanted that look on my cards, too.


I also added a bit of glitter to the edges of the black and orange cardstock layers behind each postcard.

This project turned out really well with a delightful Antique presence.  It would most certainly cheer up a corner of your desk at work or brighten a corner table at home.

Here’s the link to my shop’s (Old Raven on Etsy) listing if you would like to take a further look.


Thank you for following my art and Etsy blog.


And as for what’s new on the home front?  I think I might have a yard poltergeist.  Last week we had a major limb come down out of a perfectly healthy tree.  There had been no wind or weather disturbance – we just woke up to this on the ground.


This week it was the backyard’s turn.  This red twig dogwood at the far end of my backyard took a hit.


It looks like something large did a cannonball off the top of my six foot fence.  But strangely, not one single individual branch was actually broken here, it just has a permanent void now.

I love a mystery.



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