The Alchemist Compass – Part 3

Welcome back everyone.  I call this the Alchemist Compass but though the compass has its importance in this piece – it’s the box that’s going to catch everybody’s eye so let’s continue with that.


This is where I left it in Part 2.


Here I’ve reattached the lid portion of the hinge and I’m removing the bottom part now.  I’ve circled one of the metal tabs that you need to pull out from the flat position.  When they’re both out the bottom is free.


Just like I did on the inside of the lid in Part 2, I’ve repeated the process here for the inside of the bottom.  This piece ended up tearing a bit in the corners but I like it.  It looks older or perhaps more ‘used’ than the inside of the lid and it would be, right?  So instead of trying for a better, more perfect, result with a second try I chose to keep this one.


This picture is kind of a two-fur.  At this point I’ve also papered the back side of this bottom section using all the same processes. Here is the ‘trimming process’ I promised in Part 2.  I like using curved fingernail scissors for this job because I can cut in small increments and right on the edge carefully controlling just how much I cut off.  This picture also (green arrow) shows the sides  that did not get covered – purposefully – when I did the backside because if would have it just would have been blank paper as the stamp didn’t go wide enough to cover the full area.  So, I trimmed the side papers just past the outer row of numbers and DID NOT glue that area down yet.


I stamped another paper and trimmed off a row of numbers long enough to fill in that section and then brought the remaining corner and bottom edge pieces up and around to glue them on top and over the fill in piece. Let dry.  Trim and done.


I finish the edges by rubbing the Archival Coffee ink pad across them and then blending it in and up the sides with my finger.  More yummy ageing.   And inky fingers – no problem and no waste.  I rub my inky fingers all over ever edge and on the side folds, around the tear spots and any place I think needs a bit more ‘character’ and depth.



I reattached the bottom and I decided to use the gold accent strip.  I gave it a bit of rusty dots by tapping a brown StazOn pad randomly about.


So now the outside and the inside are completely covered in paper.  The case is finished – for now.  Next up – the compass.

20190715_112325 (2)

This is a very basic compass.  It consists of a thin metal body, a round base with a pin sticking up that has the compass point balanced on it and a plastic cover.  The plastic cover can be gently pulled up and off and the rest is just loose in there ready to be ‘altered’.


Starting with the tin, the compass gets a makeover.  I chose a red embossed faux leather paper and cut a strip wide enough and long enough to cover the outside of the tin.  Once it’s glued on more inking and rubbing on the edges.


On regular ivory cardstock I rub the same ink pad over it to give it age and stamp the grid.  Using the pin base I trace around the edge and then cut out my piece.  After adding some glue I put my cutout down over the pin and give the edge a bit more Coffee ink rubbings.


Another treasure drawer comes out.  This one is full of rhinestones and other glittery things.

20190717_130736 (2)

I selected a variety of shapes, sizes and colors and placed them on the grid work.  Once I’ve got every piece where I like it I go back through with a toothpick with glue on the end and using just a touch glue down all the rhinestones.


The pin base goes back into the the newly covered tin.  Add the compass arrow back in – remember, that piece simply balances on the end of the pin so don’t glue it!


Then just slip the plastic lid back on and gently push it down until it’s back in place.  Using the Archival Coffee pad straight on to the edges and rubbing it around with my fingers again finishes the compass – almost.


If you turned the compass over right now you’d see a shiny silver bottom – ugh.  Red felt cut using the tin for a template, then glued on the base and a little Coffee ink rub there, too.  Now, the compass is finished!

And so is this part of the Alchemist Compass.  Part 4 is almost ready to post so you won’t have long to wait and at the end of it – the complete Alchemist Compass and Case.



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