*Slightly Used Casket – $450

“Looking to sell my casket, has only been used for Halloween decorations. This is a XL full sized real casket, bought it for Halloween but tired of trying to store it. I have wayyyy to many decorations and running out of room. Can be used for what it was originally intended or other uses, ice cooler, decoration, coffee table maybe even a large BBQ. Just depends on your imagination or need. Texts are preferred but will take phone calls. No trades and local only.”

“Condition: Excellent”

I have to admit I laughed till I cried when I saw this on Craigslist today.  This really tickled my funny “bone”.


I thought I was bad about Halloween – but I think this guy must beat me every which way there is.


And as for being a good salesman – wow, what can I say, he really knows how to hit all the points including: ‘don’t just sell the item for it’s main purpose but be creative – what else could this item be used for?’.  Seriously, a coffee table or a BBQ – never would have thought of those!  And ” Just depends on your imagination or need.” OMG – stop you’re killing me!!! (maybe that’s the point, could this be one deeply insidious salesman?)

Holy Smokes – I just can’t stop laughing.

Man I wish I had the room – I’d love to add a real coffin to my Halloween decor.

Whew, okay, I think I’ve got the laughter back under control.  Hope you enjoyed the post. – Kriss




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