Collectible Lucite Salad Bowls by Regaline

Hey everyone – how’s your day going?

Spring is trying very hard to push Old Man Winter out the door here but it’s still well below freezing at night.   But today we have sunshine, at least!


And I found this waiting for me in my front yard garden – the first blossom of 2019!  Primrose are one of the hardiest little flowers out there and it was a wonderful treat to see it pushing it’s way through the debris of Winter.

But back to my feature – Lucite.


I recently found some Vintage Lucite at an Estate sale and that always makes my day.  Starting somewhere in the 50s, Lucite exploded onto the market.  It came in a huge variety of items including dishes, purses, office supplies, bathroom accents – and the list goes on and on.


These are little salad bowls.  Though they look like crystal with their beautifully molded floral pattern and the lovely raised “foot” supporting them beneath which also has a design in a cut diamond pattern, but as soon as you pick one up – surprise – they weigh next to nothing unlike the hefty weight of a glass/crystal bowl of this size.



They’re a nice size for a salad and in fact, these bowls are part of a line that includes a larger matching salad mixing bowl.


These store easily, too.  You can just stack them up, saving lots of space in the cupboard.


Regaline made a large number of Lucite items and they have become highly collectible as well as very serviceable pieces to have.  These bowls are perfect for the Boho kitchen or you could make them into pretty candy or snack dishes or even a trinket dish for the living room or home office.

I have three of these lovely little bowls and they are currently listed in my Etsy shop Old Raven.  You can hop right to the actual listing just by clicking on the link below.


Thanks for joining me today – I hope you find a bit of Spring in your day, too. – Kriss

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