KOH-I-NOOR Tin Pencil Box w/ Pencils

KOH-I-NOOR pencil tins from the mid century have long been a favorite of artists and collectors.  For the artist – the tin box has a hinged lid that snaps closed making the perfect container for carrying art supplies on the go but with a bit of retro style thrown in from the great Vintage graphics on the box.


Of course, those graphics are what draw the eye of the collector, too.  These boxes sell on Etsy and eBay – empty – somewhere between $18 and $23.


But the box I found was full of goodies!  There’s six of the original 1500/4H pencils that the box is labeled for.  But, there’s also three 1500/3H pencils here, too.  And look – two tiny pink erasers!  I don’t know if these little erasers came original to the box or not but they were buried under all the pencils when I poured out my treasures to see what I had.


This tin still has it’s original paper liner, too, which makes it really rare.  And as you can see, the pencils are true NOS and never been used.  There’s a lot of art laying here just waiting to happen.

I love findings these little bits from the past – they’re like little time machines.  Zoom – straight back to the 1950s!

Here’s the link to the Pencil Tin that’s currently listed in my Etsy shop Old Raven


Thanks for coming along on the ride. – Kriss

3 thoughts on “KOH-I-NOOR Tin Pencil Box w/ Pencils

  1. I also Enjoy Your Collection I Have7 unused 4-H Pencils 1500 2 or made in czechoslovakia .And 3 Metal KOH_I_NOOR Containers $ Little Der Paint brushes and More Old Pencils Some made In USA And England it Is now Time for me To sell. Any Suggestions Thanks


  2. olá tudo bem? eu tenho o czechoslovakia L&C hardtmuth “koh-i-noor” 1500/2B, poderia me informar quanto vale estes? Esta na caixa original de papel com todos os lápis nunca usados e tem até a série: 563117 e algum numero que nao enxergo


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