Time Out and a Quick Hop Towards Easter

I know – what happened to Part 2 of Spirit House – Memory Shrine?  Well, I had an order come into my Etsy shop, Old Raven, for a dozen Pastel Faux Marble Easter Eggs.  As it happens, I had half a dozen Pastel Eggs and half a dozen Jewel Tone Eggs – that’s just not going to work.  This required a crafting overdrive weekend!

I made five dozen Faux Marble Easter Eggs this weekend because past experience has taught me that when one order for a Seasonal item comes in, more are sure to follow shortly.  And, when did I sell all those eggs I thought I already had made up?  Wow, sometimes it all goes so fast.


These eggs are so amazing.  They start out as these plain white plastic pull apart eggs.  I buy these at the craft store as soon as they start stocking them in late February, early March.  I buy about 30 – 40 packs at a time.  I’m used to the raised eyebrows at the registers now.


This is just one box full of alcohol inks, there’s much more off screen but I also wanted to show the little ink pads and the applicator handle I use to make my eggs.

But I’m not going into detail on the process here.  If you’re interested in more info I made an earlier post on this subject where you can get all the step by step to make your own faux marble eggs just by following this link to my March 3, 2017 post titled “Upcycled Easter Eggs”.



But this was the result of my effort this weekend and why I don’t have my Shrine completed yet.  The two dozen eggs on the left are the ‘Jewel’ tone eggs.  The two dozen on the right are the ‘Pastel’ eggs.  And the fifth dozen eggs are already boxed up and on their way to my Etsy customer (thank you very much).





The possibilities for colors on these eggs is nearly endless and there are four “Fixative” bases including White Pearl, Silver, Gold and Copper that you can change out with any ink combination – well it’s easy to play all weekend and never make the same egg twice.

But, whew, that’s a lot of eggs!  I’m all caught up now and ready for more egg orders as they come in.


And of course, I did have some help.  Although Smokey, I think you’re more of a Jewel tone than a Pastel.

Alright – enough Peter Cottontail – back to Antique Memory Shrines (Part 2).  But, it was nice to think Spring for a while as I’m still seeing snow out my window.

Thank you for following along – have a wonderful week and I hope you make time for some (Spring) crafting, too.



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