B & G Seagulls and Bella and Bunnies

Yes, I know, it’s been over a month since I last wrote to you but here’s a quick summation of what’s happened since my November 25th post:

CHRISTMAS !!!  Now, every seller who has a shop on Etsy hopes to have a busy Christmas season but I’m happy to report that Old Raven had an A+ Holiday Season that left me with the soles of my feet smoking from running to keep up.

I’m also really, really happy to report that I just hit 1000 (that’s one thousand, OMG) sales in my shop – WOO HOOOOO !

I took a bit of a breather since the New Year, but now I’m ready to jump back in.

Let’s start with the beautiful China pictured above.  That’s the Seagull pattern by Bing and Grondahl aka B&G, sometimes referred to as Royal Copenhagen, too, just to keep things interesting.  Anyways, the company was founded in Denmark and started making this pattern, designed by Fanny Garde, in 1895 and they didn’t quit making it until 2011.

This set of 55 dishes is almost completely dated (by the bottom stamps) as items made in the 1950s.  I chose to break the set up into 9 listings in my shop, but of course I’m always happy to combine shipping for those who want to fill out their collection with a number of these rare, hard to find pieces.


The coffee pot:  The fish scales are textured into the porcelain and as the ocean blue glaze heats it settles into the crevices to create this truly beautiful effect.  Another signature of the Seagull pattern is the seahorse that is molded into the pot’s handle and a coiled version is on the lid.  And then there’s the pattern’s namesake – two seagulls, hand painted, drift on the wind across the face of the coffee pot.  Gold, gold and more gold accenting this piece.





This is a complete set of the cream pitcher, sugar bowl and serving tray.  You might find each of these pieces separately but all together – forget about it.


And to finish out the hot beverage setting – the coffee cups and saucers.  There is a complete set of 12 cups and saucers here.

Are you craving a trip to the ocean yet?  Or maybe you have a cottage there already.  The Seagull pattern was made to decorate a coastal bungalow.


These are the dessert plates (or salad plates or bread & butter plates).  There’s 14 of these.  Notice the little seashells tucked in the scales around the outside edge?



And for serving that dessert – the cake plate.  Look at that detail on the double dolphin handles.  “Due to its popularity from the 1950s to the 1980s, the Seagull design was considered the “National Service of Denmark”. During that period one out of every ten Danish households owned some of the dinnerware service.”  I can easily see why.


Another serving plate – but what an unusual triangular shape.  I love how the color washes from a misty coastal haze to an ocean wave blue.


This vase is one of the most popular collectible items in this set.  Fill it with a handful of wildflowers you picked coming back from your stroll on the beach.


These are my personal favorite, though.  These little dishes in the shape of oyster shells – I just love them.  They’ve been given a number of names/uses:  butter pats, oyster shooters, trinket dishes, sauce dishes even ash trays, but for me, I think they’re perfect as an accent piece on a coffee table.


This guy may not be from the Seagull collection but he’s still from Bing & Grondahl.  They also made figurines and this Terrier Dog is one of the most sought after doggies in the line.  Designed by Knud Kyhn his ‘coat’ is done in the famous Sung glaze which is perfect for this pooch.  It gives him a ‘brindle’ look which many of these terriers actually have in real life.  But check out the eyes, they’ve purposely been left ‘open’ so that this adorable dog can change expressions depending on the angle that you view him from.

All of these items are now listed in my shop at https://www.etsy.com/shop/OldRaven?ref=seller-platform-mcnav

Just select “The China Cupboard” to see all these amazing collectible treasures and to read more details about each piece.

But I started this post with Seagulls, Bella and Bunnies – right?


My Bella loves her pillows when she naps.  But you’d think a terra cotta rabbit wouldn’t be that comfortable.


But you’d be wrong.  She frequently uses the bottom rail on the dining room chairs, a hiking boot and the edge of the wall with no problems at all.  But right now – come on mom, can’t a girl nap undisturbed?

I hope Bella gave you a chuckle in your day.  Thanks for looking, and if you get a chance click over to my shop and see what’s new.

Oh yeah, and currently in the works – an Astrological Apothecary, posting here soon.


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