The Frankoma Vase and Photo Bomb

Hello everyone, I’m happy to report my Etsy shop has really been busy and though most of my time is taken up with getting new items listed and remaking items that have sold from my handmade stock, I’m working a Christmas project that I will post soon, hope you’ll like it.

But today I want to share a lovely Frankoma planter/vase.  Frankoma was a popular mid-century pottery that was extremely well made, nice and heavy stuff, done in a “drip” style of painting so that the color just sort of smooths down over the pottery piece and left to flow into the nooks and crannies thereby subtly picking out the details.


This is a beautiful example of that technique.  The color is called Desert Gold and see how this scene of brush, cactus and a thinly clouded sky comes to life by the shaded layers of the sandy hued paint.


It’s easy to authenticate Frankoma, too.  This is clearly stamped on the bottom of the vase.


This beauty stands 7″ tall x 7″ wide x 2″ deep.  The opening of the planter/vase is offset on top which allows for an unusual and very appealing aspect for your plant display.

This vase is now listed in my Etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/shop/OldRaven

But I mentioned a photo bomb.  You can probably guess who, too.


Yep, Smoky.  It’s really quite amazing to me how she just magically appears in my shots.  I never see her jump up on the table, one shot it’s the vase and the next it’s Smoky and the vase.


I tried a silk leaf bundle for a display – Smoky made her opinion known (like, are you serious?).


This one worked out okay, though.  However, after I was all done shooting for the day I came up with what would really look great in this vase – bare branches and/or pheasant feathers. Darn it, maybe next time.

Thanks all and Happy Thanksgiving

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