ATC – ACEO Storage

I recently found an online ATC swap site (I mentioned this in my last post, too) and knowing how I get about these things – I anticipate having lots of Artist Trading Cards to have and to hold.

But that was kind of the problem, where will I keep my cards?  It seems the average method is using photo or scrapbook albums for storage.  This didn’t appeal to me.

I’ve been making Apothecary Cabinets for years in various shapes and sizes, with lot’s of different themes and purposes.  So for me, it was a natural extension to want to make an apothecary-style storage chest for all those lovely cards I’ll be gathering and collecting.  And if I made one for me, well it just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t make of for you, too.


This cabinet, like my other apothecaries starts as a frame made from solid MDF board.  The drawers are actually the hardest part.  They are made of a heavy duty chipboard but it’s the measuring and calculating that makes them tricky, but it all worked out, and the drawers for this chest will perfectly hold anywhere from 50 to 90 (maybe even a bit more) cards – depending on how thick your individual cards come out being.


That’s an ATC on the little easel.  I think you could set a couple of them on top of the chest and then every day rotate out two new ATCs to put on display.  After all, art is meant to be shared and whether it’s tucked in a drawer or stacked in a photo album – nobody can see it in there.  So, why not make your own little gallery of ATCs.


But for the ones not on display, they will stand easily in the drawers where you can flip through them for the daily exhibition or for just sharing when someone notices your pretty little chest and you can say “oh, it’s full of ATCs too, here, take a look”.  I love it!


But let me finish giving you the tour of the chest.  So the front of the drawers each have an ATC ‘background’ card on them.  So this is what you might start an ATC art piece on and then add more art, ephemera, paint, stencil, stamp – well the choices are practically endless as to how you can create from there.

It’s a coordinated theme of old roses, chalkboard effect, and Vintage pastel patterns.  The cards are the (required) 2½” x 3½” but that makes them a bit smaller than the actual drawer front since I wanted those large enough to comfortably hold the ATCs with no ‘squishing’.

I found a paper that went very well with the ATCs.  It has a Vintage look to it of black lace overlay on a deep ivory background.  Perfect.  The lace paper background went on and now the ATC background cards are nicely framed.

I finished the drawers with Vintage-looking file drawer pulls that I painted a satin black.  They even have the slots for labels so if you want to make one drawer ‘animals’ another ‘fantasy’ or maybe organize by year – you can find cards pretty easily.


I had standard letter paper size coordinating cardstock to the ATC backgrounds.  Now you can really see the chalkboard effect and the detailed beauty of the old roses on the linen border.


Both sides have this paper, I just used a bit different section for each.


The back is more of the sexy black lace paper with a narrow border of the roses topping it off.  This chest will show beautifully from all sides now.


I also used the black lace paper on the top.  The bottom is painted and has six black felt buttons so when you set this chest on something you don’t have to worry about scratching anything.

So, what do you think?  I like my idea for ATC storage – it’s different and it’s decorative, as well as, very functional.

This lovely chest is now available in my online Etsy shop Old Raven.

Oh yeah, I didn’t forget:


Smokey says “Could you keep it down, please – trying to sleep here.”

Craft On




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